Student Bios

Harrison Feldman
Major(s): Global Studies
Minor(s): Arabic Studies

I chose the major after taking 101 my freshman fall. I really enjoyed the class and decided to take 102 the following spring. What I really enjoy about the major is the flexibility in it. There is...

Catherine O'Connell
Major(s): Global Studies, History/African Studies

I studied abroad after my freshman year with the summer program to Ireland and then again for my Fall Junior semester in Kenya. It wasn’t until my Ireland trip that I discovered Global Studies as...

Lauren Bennett
Major(s): Global Studies
Minor(s): Economics and French

I am a Global Studies major concentrating in Western Africa and Europe with a minor in Economics and French. In the spring of 2008, I studied in Rouen, France with travel components to Quebec City...

Sean Watkins
Major(s): Global Studies and Government

Many of my accomplishments can be credited to my time in the Global Studies department. It gave me the tools to think critically about the world around me and to act for the betterment of my...

Alison Paludi
Major(s): Global Studies
Minor(s): Education and African Studies

Coming from a small rural town, I was never really exposed to other peoples and cultures. Arriving at St. Lawrence in the fall of 2010, I had a strong desire to travel and get out of my comfort...