Sean Watkins

Sean Watkins
Sean Watkins
Global Studies and Government
Lowville, NY and now Beltsville, MD
President and founder of the SLU Film Club, Community Assistant, Global Studies/English/Religious Studies office worker, Student Union Help Desk Worker, Global Studies/Government Tutor. Other things that I am forgetting…

Many of my accomplishments can be credited to my time in the Global Studies department. It gave me the tools to think critically about the world around me and to act for the betterment of my multiple communities. In my opinion, one of the most important aspects of the degree was being taught how to use abstract theories and actually apply them to real life causes. This skill has been essential to my growth as an activist and scholar. As a working class kid from a small village in northern NY, I knew very little about the world. Before the program, I had never even been on a plane! Since then, I have been lucky enough to travel to many different parts of the world for both business and pleasure. My first major trip abroad was with a class called La Frontera (taught by Martha Chew Sanchez), where we flew to Juarez, Mexico to study border culture. I was so inspired by that trip that I would eventually spend a semester abroad studying in London, England. While there, I spent a month interning with Freedom from Torture, a nonprofit that provides services to survivors of torture. Years later, I would write about that organization as the topic of my dissertation for my PhD. Now, I work for Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth and have been able to put my knowledge into practice. As someone who facilitates summer programs for gifted students, I have been able to use my knowledge of different cultures to be able to navigate many different situations. In the future, I hope to work closely with our International Department to further take advantage of my Global Studies degree.



Additional Degrees: 
Masters of the Arts in Popular Culture from Bowling Green State University, PhD in Media and Communication from Bowling Green State University
Professional Position: 
Assistant Program Manager for Johns Hopkins Center for Talented Youth.