Milan Sova

Milan Sova
Milan Sova
Global Studies and Performance and Communication Arts
South Kortright, NY

Being dual citizen of the Czech Republic and the U.S., I decided to study the western world of North America and Europe. To better understand European perspectives, I studied Migration and Identity with the Danish Institute of Study Abroad in Copenhagen. Through the program I also studied Danish, but I have several years of high school Spanish under my belt. Using a double major I hope to help promote more positive forms of dialogue throughout the world with my knowledge of Performance and Communication Arts and Global Studies. I made my choice to be a Global Studies major because Global Studies is for people who don't take things at face value. I love this major because I'm always pushed to frame things in a new way, or interpret events and actions more critically than the standard observer. The professors are great and I often find myself going to talk with one about an assignment and leave an hour later after having fun and thought provoking discussions.