Lily Rougeot

Lily Rougeot
Lily Rougeot
Global Studies
European Studies & Peace Studies
Sparks, MD

After taking course work in the global studies field in my two concentrations (African & Europe), I took the opportunity to study in Ethiopia in the summer of 2009.  Through our coursework there "Global citizenship-beyond the local divide" I began to develop thoughts on the growing social inequalities between the global North and South.  In the summer of 2010, after little previous coursework in Spanish, I chose to study abroad once more through the International Student Exchange Program (ISEP), which I believed would allow me to most fully immerse myself in the Spanish culture and language.  I spent 5 phenomenal months in the small blooming city of Murcia.  While enjoying Murcian culture and tradition I took the opportunity to travel during holidays to over 8 different countries and countless cities.  I truly benefitted from my off-campus study experiences, and from them stemmed my honors research project "Turning the Perpetual Wheel of Global Inequality: An Analysis of Processes of Foreign Aid".  Withing this year long research, I looked into the potential to privileging modes of Reproduction in foreign aid by establishing human solidarity thereby ignoring historically perpetuated modes of Production.