Lauren Bennett

Lauren Bennett
Lauren Bennett
Global Studies
Economics and French
Bothell, WA

I am a Global Studies major concentrating in Western Africa and Europe with a minor in Economics and French. In the spring of 2008, I studied in Rouen, France with travel components to Quebec City and Senegal. I chose to be a Global Studies major because I like the interdisciplinary approach the major takes by looking at the theories of both cultural studies and political economy. Because the requirements of Global Studies are so great, the major allows one to become very concentrated in an otherwise diverse area of study. I love the way that Global Studies professors challenge students to look at the world through more critical eyes. I am most excited about the tools that the department has given me to analyze the world around me and to become more critical, a better consumer, and a more student civically engaged citizen.
The moments I have most cherished in class revolve around engaging conversation using critical theory in analyzing the processes of today's global marketplace of ideas and commodities.