Khadeeja Hamid

Khadeeja Hamid
Khadeeja Hamid
Global Studies and Economics
Male', China


I am majoring in Economics and Global Studies and am currently studying Mandarin, hoping to pick up Arabic as well. I studied abroad in Shanghai, China and am concentrating on Asia and Africa for my Global Studies Major. I am majoring in Global Studies because it offers a critical perspective and allows me to make the useful connections across different locations (both geographic and non-geographic) to reach a more complex understanding of history over time. Offers complex answers (that often does not tend to be in black or white) to the question: Why is the world the way it is? I like that the major has a varied choice of classes offered, the passion exhibited by the faculty and the flexibility that the major and the department allows for students to decide what they want to study.

There have been many memorable moments in GS. One would be the trip to Toronto with Prof. Wong's Cities and Globalization class in Spring 2009. The trip really gave us the opportunity to see how some of the concepts that we discussed in class were playing out for real in a city like Toronto. It also allowed us to bond as a class! Also the class with Dr. Chew (Race, Culture & Ethnicity) in which we were watching a documentary made on the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings. It was a powerful movie and I remember walking out of the class with my friend and commenting that we need a support group to recover from the impact of the movie!