D. Merika Wilson

Merika Wilson
D. Merika Wilson
Global Studies and Psychology
Lockport, NY

My regions of concentration are Asia and Africa and I have been fortunate enough to have studied abroad for a three-week program in Ireland, currently participate in a semester program in Thailand and will be applying for the Kenya program for the spring term of my junior year. I am studying Thai while abroad this term, will be learning Swahili in Kenya and have taken college level Spanish courses in high school. I am also a Psychology major and debating between an African studies minor or a Statistics minor. I chose to major in Global Studies because I have an enormous interest in traveling and understanding other countries' cultures, history, and current political/social issues. What I like most about the major is that it provides so much variety in topics instead of focusing on one specific idea, like economics. I believe in reality everything is interlinked so it is key to look at the bigger picture. I have not taken many courses in the major so far, but I believe that some of the most memorable moments occur outside of the classroom when I am able to apply what I have learned in class to real life situations.