Student publishes article in Salon

Global Studies major Thomas Matt '15 recently published a personal essay in the widely-read online magazine Salon.  Matt's essay, originally titled "Defeating Shame: My Story of Trans-Attraction," was first published on the Weave (the independent media project hosted by Global Studies) before being picked up by Salon and featured prominently on its website on October 22. 

"About four years ago, I was an exchange student in Thailand, a country known for its large, open transgender population," writes Matt.  "While most men avoided trans women, I saw no difference between them and cisgender women (women who were born biologically female). I was attracted to trans women, in other words, and I spent the next three years of my life in confusion and shame."  In the rest of the article he details the process of how he came to understand what it means to be trans-attracted and also what his own experience has taught him about how trans-attraction is "shamed"  within dominant culture. 

In addition to his time as an exchange student in Thailand during high school, Matt studied last semester on the SLU program in Thailand.  He has served as an intern for the Weave and is also the principal organizer of an SLU Innovation Grant-funded project devoted to the creation of a local currency for the North Country.