GS launches new Weave internship course

The Global Studies Department recently launched a new experiment in experiential learning: an internship course designed to help students develop a range of skills in the fields of independent media production and organizational development. Nine St. Lawrence students are currently taking the internship course, taught by Dr. John Collins, Professor and Chair of Global Studies.  They are helping move the Weave project forward in its mission to "contribute to positive social change and the cultivation of an informed citizenry by providing critical perspectives on important stories, processes, and voices that are not receiving sufficient public attention."  By the end of the semester, the students will have worked on a range of collaborative projects and developed valuable experience in areas such as fundraising, public relations and outreach, video editing, formal presentation skills, grant writing, and event planning. 

Fall 2011 Weave interns:

  • Shawn Austin
  • Chase Fisher
  • Annie Hopkins
  • Bond Longley
  • Lukasz Niparko
  • Jordyn Pasiak
  • Jordan Pescrillo
  • Facundo Rivarola
  • Colin Tessier-Kay

The Weave, launched in the Global Studies Department in 2006, features a series of blogs focusing on underreported stories along with a series of Big Questions videos showcasing a range of responses to questions of global importance.