Collins publishes interview with renowned Palestinian mental health professional

In honor of the life and work of Dr. Eyad El-Sarraj (1943-2013), founder of the Gaza Community Mental Health Programme, Professor and Chair of Global Studies John Collins recently published an interview he conducted with Dr. El-Sarraj in 1997 as part of field research conducted in Palestine for his Ph.D. dissertation.  The interview, titled "Intifada, Trauma, and Social Transformation," was published by Muftah, an online magazine featuring news and commentary on the Middle East and North Africa.  El-Sarraj died on December 17, 2013, after a career that saw him win numerous international honors (including the 1997 Physicians for Human Rights Award) for his work on trauma and other mental health struggles faced by Palestinians living under Israeli occupation. 

Collins' interview with El-Sarraj provided material that was later integrated into his 2004 book, Occupied By Memory: The Intifada Generation and the Palestinian State of Emergency.

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