Two Graduate Opportunities at Northern Arizona University

Prospective PhD and MS students interested in the following NSF-supported graduate opportunities are encouraged to contact Dr. Mary Reid at Northern Arizona University:

(1) A project targeted at the recent evolution of the Toba Caldera Complex in Indonesia, including the highly explosive 75 ka Youngest Toba Tuff and the subsequent, more quiescent post-caldera eruptions. This study aims to reconcile the various crystal-scale records for the origin, assembly, and thermal history of the magmatic systems responsible for these eruptions. Your research would contribute to understanding magmatic signals in the lead-up to eruptions, and the potential for future volcanic hazards associated with this volcano.

(2) A large, international and multidisciplinary project to investigate the development of escape tectonics and surface-to-mantle dynamics of Anatolia (Turkey). At NAU, we are focusing on igneous petrology and geochemistry of Miocene to Quaternary volcanic rocks (Mary Reid) and sedimentary geology and basin tectonics (Paul Umhoefer). Your research would provide new insights into the origin of this region’s enigmatic intraplate volcanism, and complement other components of the CD-CAT project, including seismology, structural geology, geochronology, low-temperature geochemistry, metamorphic petrology, geomorphology, and numerical modeling. Interested students should visit the project’s web site ( for more information and contact details. 

Application deadline is February 1, 2014. Information about the Earth and Planetary Science emphasis of the PhD in Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability at NAU can be found at: