Recent Publications


  • Hamed, A., Jafarian, A., Husinec, A., Koeshidayatullah, A. & Swennen, R., 2015, Microfacies, depositional environment and diagenetic evolution controls on the reservoir quality of the Permian Upper Dalan Formation, Kish Gas Field, Zagros Basin. Marine and Petroleum Geology, in press. DOI:10.1016/j.marpetgeo.2015.04.012
  • Husinec, A., & Bergstrom, S.M., 2015, Stable carbon isotope record of shallow-marine evaporative epicratonic basin carbonates, Ordovician Williston Basin, North America. Sedimentology, 62, p. 314-349. DOI:10.1111/sed.12152
  • Dr. Stewart recently published work stemming from his experiences as a soldier-geologist in the U.S. Army in Afghanistan.  During his time deployed there he began making connections between his training as a solider and his civilian training and expertise as a geologist.  In short, geological-reasoning training is a great opportunity to train the next-generation/thinking warfighter.  This paper was just published in the Journal of Military and Strategic Studies, Volume16, Issue 1, 2015


  • Gifford, J.N., Mueller, P.A., Foster, D.A., Mogk, D.W., 2014. Precambrian Crustal Evolution in the Great Falls tectonic zone: Insights from Xenoliths from the Montana Alkali Province. Journal of Geology, v. 122, n. 5, p. 531-548.
  • Oštrić, N., Fuček, L., Prtoljan, B., Jelaska, V., Korolija, B., Gušić, I., Sparica, M., Korbar, T., and Husinec, A., 2014, Basic Geological Map of the Republic of Croatia scale 1:50.000 – sheet Vis 4: Department of Geology, Croatian Geological Survey, Zagreb (ISBN 978-953-6907-28-1).
  • Husinec, A., and Donaldson, J.A., 2014, A-1 Lower Paleozoic sedimentary succession of the St. Lawrence River Valley, New York and Ontario, in NYSGA Annual Field Conference, Alexandria Bay, NY, p. 1-28.|
  • Fuček, L., Matičec, D., Vlahović, I., Oštrić, N., Prtoljan, B., Korbar, T., Husinec, A., and Palenik, D., 2014, Basic Geological Map of the Republic of Croatia scale 1:50.000 – sheet Cres 4: Department of Geology, Croatian Geological Survey, Zagreb (ISBN 978-953-6907-29-8).
  • Sokac, B., Grgasovic, T., and Husinec, A., 2014, Clypeina lagustensis n.sp., a new calcareous alga from the Lower Tithonian of the Lastovo Island (Croatia). Geologia croatica, v. 67, p. 75-86.
  • Schlagintweit, F., Husinec, A., and Jez, B., 2014, Siphodinarella costata n. gen., n. sp., a new benthic foraminifer from the Coniacian of the Adriatic carbonate platform (Slovenia, Croatia): Facies, v. 59, p. 133-145.


  • Becky Brice, Kara K. Lorion, Daniel Griffin, Alison K. Macalady, Christopher H. Guiterman, James H. Speer, Laura R. Benakoun, Amy Cutter, Megan E. Hart, Michael P. Murray, Stephen E. Nash, Robert Shepard, Alexander K. Stewart, and Haitao Wang 2013. BioOne, Signal Strength In Sub-Annual Tree-Ring Chronologies from Pinus ponderosa In Northern New Mexico
  • Erickson J.M., and Platt R.B. 2013.  Oribatid Mites. In: Elias S.A. (ed.) The Encyclopedia of Quaternary Science 2nd edition,, 2, Vol. 2, pp. 679-698. Amsterdam: Elsevier.


  • Fuček, L., Matičec, D., Vlahović, I., Oštrić, N., Prtoljan, B., Korbar, T., and Husinec, A., 2012, Basic Geological Map of the Republic of Croatia scale 1:50.000 – sheet Cres 2: Department of Geology, Croatian Geological Survey, Zagreb (ISBN 978-953-6907-26-7).
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  • Husinec, A., Harman, C.A., Regan, S.P., Mosher, D.A., Sweeney, R.J., & Read, J.F., 2012, Sequence development influenced by intermittent cooling events in Cretaceous Aptian greenhouse, Adriatic Platform, Croatia. American Association of Petroleum Geologists Bulletin, 96, p. 2215-2244.
  • Rendall, B.E. & Husinec, A., 2012, Importance of Dimorphosiphon (Chlorophyta, Bryopsidales) for facies and paleobiogeographic studies of the Upper Ordovician Richmondian Red River Formation, Williston Basin. Palaios, 27, p. 693-706.
  • Huntley, J.W., D.S. Kaufman, M. Kowalewski, C.S. Romanek, R.J. Neves. In Press. Sub-centennial resolution amino acid geochronology for the freshwater mussel Lampsilis for the last 2000 years.
    Quaternary Geochronology.
  • Huntley, J.W., D. Scarponi. 2012. Evolutionary and ecological implications of trematode parasitism of modern and fossil northern Adriatic bivalves. Paleobiology 38(1): 40-51.
  • Valentino, D., Chiarenzelli, J., Hewitt, E., and Valentino, J., 2012. Applications of water-based magnetic gradiometry to assess the geometry and displacement for concealed faults in the southern Adirondacks Mountains, New York, U.S.A.:  Journal of Applied Geophysics, v. 76, p. 109-126.
  • Chiarenzelli, J., Lock, R., Cady, C., Bregani, A., and Whitney, B., 2011.  Variation in river multi-element chemistry related to bedrock buffering: an example from the Adirondack region of northern New York, USA:  Environmental Earth Sciences, v. 67, no. 1, p. 189-204.


  • Chiarenzelli, J., Hudson, M., Dahl, P., and deLorraine, W. D., 2011.  Constraints on deposition in the Trans-Adirondack Basin, Northern New York:  Composition and origin of the Popple Hill Gneiss:  Precambrian Research, v. 214-215, p. 154-171.
  • Regan, S. P., Chiarenzelli, J. R., McLelland, J. M., and Cousens, B. L., 2011.  Evidence for an enriched asthenospheric source for coronitic metagabbros in the Adirondack Highlands:  Geosphere, v. 7, p. 694-709.
  • Chiarenzelli, J., Lupulescu, M., Thern, E. and Cousens, B., 2011. Tectonic implications of the discovery of a Shawinigan ophiolite (Pyrites Complex) in the Adirondack Lowlands: Geosphere, v. 7, p. 333-356.
  • Chiarenzelli, J., Valentino, D., Lupulescu, M., Thern, E., and Johnston, S., 2011.  Differentiating Shawinigan and Ottawan Orogenesis in the Central Adirondacks:  Geosphere, v. 7, p. 2-22.
  • Lupulescu, M., Chiarenzelli, J., Pullen, A., and Price, J., 2011.  Using pegmatite geochronology to constrain temporal events in the Adirondack Mountains:  Geosphere, v.7, p. 23-39.
  • Husinec, A. & Read, J.F., 2011, Microbial laminite- versus rooted/burrowed caps on peritidal cycles: salinity-control on parasequence development, Early Cretaceous isolated carbonate platform, Croatia. Geological Society of America Bulletin, 123, p. 1896-1907. DOI: 10.1130/B30305.1 pdf.
  • Husinec, A., 2011, Carbonate Platform Evidence Bearing on Climate, Salinity, Dasycladalean Diversity, and Marine Anoxic Events During Late Jurassic-Early Cretaceous Greenhouse, Palaios, 26, p. 519-521. DOI: 10.2110/palo.2011.S05 pdf.
  • Peppe, D.J., Dana L. Royer1 ,Bárbara Cariglino3 ,Sofia Y. Oliver1 ,Sharon Newman1 ,Elias Leight1 ,Grisha Enikolopov1 ,Margo Fernandez-Burgos1 ,Fabiany Herrera4 ,Jonathan M. Adams5 ,Edwin Correa6 ,Ellen D. Currano7 ,J. Mark Erickson8 ,Luis Felipe Hinojosa9 ,John W. Hoganson10 ,Ari Iglesias11 ,Carlos A. Jaramillo6 ,Kirk R. Johnson12 ,Gregory J. Jordan13 ,Nathan Kraft14 ,Elizabeth C. Lovelock15 ,Christopher H. Lusk16 ,Ülo Niinemetes17 ,Gillian Rapson18 ,Scott L. Wing19 ,Ian J. Wright16. 2011.  Sensitivity of leaf size and shape to climate: global patterns and paleoclimatic applications.  New Phytologist, 2011:1-16. (pdf)


  • Burton-Kelly, M.E. and J.M. Erickson. 2010.  A New Occurrence of Protichnites Owen, 1852, in the Late Cambrian Potsdam Sandstone of the St. Lawrence Lowlands.  The Open Paleontology Journal, 3:1-13. (pdf)