AAPG Annual Convention & Exhibition, 7-10 June 2009, Denver, Colorado

  • R. Sweeney, C. Harman, A. Husinec, F. Read - Facies and Cyclity of Barremian Peritidal Deposits, Southern Adriatic Platform, Croatia.
  • C. Harman, R. Sweeney, A. Husinec, F. Read - High-Frequency Sea-Level Change Recorded Within Non-Cyclic Lower Aptian and Cyclic Upper Aptian Platform-Interior Facies of the Adriatic Platform, Southern Croatia

    Petroleum Systems Analysis — Basins Around the World.

  • H. S. Hassan, J. Chiarenzelli, C. G. Kendall - Cretaceous Source Rocks Potential of Northern LibyaCarbonate Sedimentology and Sequence Analysis for Exploration and Improved Reservoir Prediction.
  • A. Husinec, J. F. Read, C. G. Kendall - Do All Carbonate Parasequences Shallow Up? If Not, Why Not?