Student Bios

Diomedes Gonzalez
Majors: Psychology

I chose St. Lawrence because I felt it was a place that offered many opportunities and support.  I have learned so much and will continue learning many new things that will help me aspire and...

Yessenia Chimelis
Majors: Performance and Communication Arts
Minors: Gender and Sexuality Studies and Philosophy

I am especially interested in seeing the St. Lawrence community become more aware and accepting toward individuals of different ethnic, cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds. ...

Mwelwa Bwalya
Majors: Sociology
Minors: Gender and Sexuality Studies

I am an Arthur O Eve scholar.  I work in the Brush Art Gallery and am a Teaching Assistant for East African Dance as well as a student assistant in the Gender and Sexuality and Global Studies...

Brittany Moten
Majors: Psychology
Minors: Undecided

I am passionate about community service, psychology.  I chose St. Lawrence because I have had family members who went here and I liked the environment.

Gender Studies has opened my...

Camryn Ferrara

Gender Studies courses have opened my eyes to the world.  I am interested in how people view other people and socially construct others in  groups.  In taking Gender courses, you...

Aaron Bushey-Hansen
Majors: Global Studies
Minors: Gender & Sexuality Studies

    Being involved with the Gender and Sexuality Studies Program at St. Lawrence has allowed me to better grapple with the complexity and interconnectedness of gender and sexuality...