Student Bios

Majors: Sociology
Minors: Gender & Sexuality Studies

St. Lawrence is a beautiful school that has a lot to offer, especially for gender and sexuality programs. Before taking my first gender class, I had no idea what to expect, but now that I'm on my...

Majors: Performance and Communication Arts
Minors: Gender and Sexuality Studies

Among the highlights of my time at St. Lawrence are my classes with great professors, and coming across material that has changed my concept of self, my beliefs, my world view, and my perspectives...

Majors: Psychology
Minors: Undecided

I am passionate about community service, psychology.  I chose St. Lawrence because I have had family members who went here and I liked the environment.

Gender Studies has opened my...

Majors: Economics
Minors: Performance and Communication Arts

I initialy chose St. Lawrence for undergraduate because of my opportunity to be a duel sport athlete and the amazing financial aid package I received.  However, I stayed because of SLU's...

Majors: Environmental Studies and Sociology
Minors: Outdoor Studies

I chose SLU because it was small and had a great Outdoor Program.  I was also very interested in the Adirondack Semester which has been a highlight of my time at SLU. 

Majors: Psychology
Minors: English

The people I met at St. Lawrence during my college search really set it apart from other schools I visited.  I found that everyone was very outgoing, willing to help, and active both in and...