Student Bios

William Vielhauer
Major(s): Multifield

What drew you to the minor?

I originally wanted to work in non-profit and advocate for anti-human trafficking campaigns. So I believed that this department would have the...

Major(s): Global Studies
Minor(s): Gender & Sexuality Studies

What drew you to the minor?

I took my first gender course with JMAC and it opened me up to so the intersections of race, gender, class, sexuality and it left me wanting to learn more about...

Brandon Studler
Major(s): Sociology
Minor(s): Gender & Sexuality Studies

 What drew you to the minor? I took the class Gender & Society 101 my freshman fall and have been hooked ever since.  It is not uncommon to refer to gender and sexuality studies...

Alexis Reinheimer
Major(s): Psychology

I love taking Gender and Sexuality Studies courses because they open up my mind and apply to my every day life.  I think many of the issues brought up are extremely important to life on the...

Laquan Bell
Major(s): Performance and Communication Arts
Minor(s): Gender and Sexuality Studies

 I'm interested in the Gender Studies program because these courses make one more aware of socially structured terms, names, and it makes you more aware and true to yourself.

Camryn Ferrara

Gender Studies courses have opened my eyes to the world.  I am interested in how people view other people and socially construct others in  groups.  In taking Gender courses, you...