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Recoil: Solo Exhibition by Sarah Knobel

March 5 - April 14, 2018

sarah knobel photograph

This exhibition comes from a place of uncertainty, division, and flux. Like the action of any mechanism, the works are a simulation of moments that occur during the pause in action.  It is in this liminal state, where the familiar becomes subtly unfamiliar or unexplainable.  At times, the work focuses on the duality of what is real versus imagined, artificial versus natural, and beautiful versus grotesque.

Experimenting with processes such as scale, time, detail, blur, reflection, color and overlay is a large part of my discourse.  We are in a world of hyper-documentation, where facts can be distorted and truths can be easily misconstrued.  Alternatively, I use photography to show how time creates variables that skew our perception. Recoil offers playful enquiries on the mystery of the ordinary.

- Sarah Knobel, assistant professor of art,
department of art and art history
St. Lawrence University







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