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Cuba Through Travelers' Eyes

March 7 - April 16, 2016

photograph by evelyn jennings

Traffic Jam at Benito's Tobacco Farm by Evelyn Jennings

This exhibition grew out of St. Lawrence University students’ participation in a cross-campus, blended learning course, Latin American History Through Travel, taught in the fall of 2015 at Skidmore College by Jordana Dym and at St. Lawrence by Evelyn Jennings. Both groups studied texts, maps and images produced by travelers in Latin America, from Christopher Columbus to Che Guevara, in order to investigate how travelers constructed and represented Latin American landscapes, climates, histories, religion and politics, as well as the travelers’ own and others’ racial, cultural and gender identities. Students reflected on their own experiences as travelers prior to taking the class, as well as through a joint excursion to Lake Placid in September 2015 and an optional two-week travel seminar in Cuba in January 2016.

photograph by emily sheltry '17

Restored Homes in Pinar del Río by Emily Sheltry '17

The photographs and drawings in the exhibition are from the travel seminar and examine such topics as changes brought about by increased tourism, comparisons between students’ previous expectations of Cuba and their actual experiences there, and the connections between the United States and Cuba in spite of the U.S. embargo. Preparation for the course, the Lake Placid excursion, and the travel seminar in Cuba were supported by a grant from the New York Six Blended Learning Project, the Center for Intercultural and International Studies at St. Lawrence, and the Office of Off-Campus Study and Exchanges at Skidmore College.








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