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Two-Point Perspective: New Work by Peter Nelson

March 21 - April 20, 2011


mr. and mrs. nelson video still

Peter Nelson, Mr. and Mrs. Nelson, 2010, video still

Two-Point Perspective showcases new video and photographic work that explores topics of relationships, gender, age, and identity.  The exhibition investigates the possibility that every situation can be perceived from multiple viewpoints and that those viewpoints often conflict with each other.

In his most recent series, Nelson turns the camera toward his new community in Canton.  Noon Ball is a collection of portraits of the men who play lunchtime basketball at St. Lawrence University.  Nelson reflects on the duality of this activity: “The games are both heroic and pathetic, epic and banal.  Though the players are competitive and at times aggressive, the individuals form a tightly-knit community.”

The exhibition also features four videos that further probe nuanced two-point perspectives.  In Mr. and Mrs. Nelson, the artist’s parents share their individual perceptions of falling in love, overcoming personality struggles, and negotiating compromises to make their marriage work.


Peter Nelson, Noon Ball, 2011

Through the gathering of stories and images of ordinary people, Nelson highlights the subtle discrepancies of everyday life.

Peter Nelson, visiting professor of photography and digital media at St. Lawrence University, works in photography, video, audio, and performance.   Previous works include Former Best Friends Forever, Four Guys from My Part-time Job, On Dying, and Middle Aged Men, among others.  Please visit