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Wild Things: Nature Photography by Melissa J. Burchard

May 28 - July 9, 2009



My earliest memories are of turning over rocks and wading into ponds and streams to find insects and frogs when my mother took me on bird-watching trips. Though I am still compelled to pick up a toad now and then, I have recently discovered a new way to capture wildlife and share it with a larger audience without disturbing the natural world. In 2004, my mother bought me my first camera. I had the advantage of years of looking through her photography, as well as the many wildlife journals she receives, so I feel that I took to it easily. My partner, Michael, grew up in Colton, N.Y., and has introduced me to the wonderful wild areas practically in our back yard. From eagles nesting at Blake Reservoir to waterfalls and wildflowers on the Stone Valley

Trail, I am far from lacking subjects. I have been greatly encouraged by the people who live in these areas, and their appreciation of their surroundings has been an inspiration. And in case this isn’t enough to make life a complete wonder, my mother continues to take me to new rich and diverse habitats, most recently Peru and Costa Rica. The images in this exhibition are from those trips and from where I live in St. Lawrence County.


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