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Combat Paper

and Warrior Writers

August 20 – November 15, 2008

breaking rank (det.)
Drew Cameron and Drew Matott, Breaking Rank (detail), n.d., print on handmade paper


The stories of soldiers and marines, men and women in the military during times of war, inspire this project.

Utilizing uniforms worn in combat and conflict zones, veterans cut, cook and beat the cloth fibers to form sheets of paper.  In this way, veterans use the transformative process of papermaking to reclaim their uniform as art and begin to reconcile their personal wartime experiences.

Thus far, over twenty veterans of World War II and wars in Vietnam, Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan, including vets from Fort Drum, New York, have made paper from their uniforms or contributed uniforms for the project.

Combat Paper is a collaborative project initiated by Drew Matott and Drew Cameron from the Green Door Studio, along with Jon Turner at the People’s Republic of Paper, located in Burlington, Vermont.

Warrior Writers, conceptualized and led by Lovella Calica, provides tools and space for healing and community building for members of Iraq Veterans Against the War.  Through writing workshops, veterans are able to unbury their secrets and connect with each other on personal and artistic levels.  Writings from the workshops are compiled into books, performances and exhibitions that provide a lens into the hearts of people who have served in the Iraq war.  Anthologies of these writings have been compiled into two books, Move Shoot and Communicate and Re-Making Sense.

The Cashin Endowment Fund for Fine Arts provided additional support for the exhibition and papermaking workshops.


combat paper