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Vietnam War-Era Photographs

russell mitchell, grass cuts

Russell Mitchell, Grass Cuts, ca. 1960s,
       color photograph, SLU 92.22.40       

Vietnam War-Era Photographs

Photos by American G.I.s and nurses depicting battlefields, soldiers, prisoners, and villages and city life in Vietnam, as well as protests and peace marches in the U.S.

In 1987, as part of the St. Lawrence University’s then annual Steinman Festival of the Arts, Vietnam War veteran Dick Amerault and photographer Boyd Nicholl organized what they called a “balanced view of the war era” in an exhibition of works by amateur and professional photographers working at home and abroad.  In 1992, Amerault donated a group of these photographs to the University in honor of art historian and fine arts professor Elizabeth Kahn. 

In this collection of black-and-white and color photographs, American soldiers and nurses document their experiences in Vietnam through images of war zones, city and village life, and soldiers and prisoners.  In addition, the collection includes a significant number of photographs taken in the U.S. of demonstrations, sit-ins, student protests, and peace rallies that address issues of feminism, religion, racism, and war.  The multiple perspectives offered by a variety of photographers offers a window into this period of American history marked by intense social change and the growth of counterculture.