Tzintzun V. Aguilar Izzo

Tzintzun Izzo
Tzintzun V. Aguilar Izzo
Multifield and Global Studies
Colton, NY

While at first new and frightening, my FYP has been an intensely rewarding experience.  It has given me the opportunity to become friends with the other residents on my floor, and it has also helped me garner a close relationship with my advisor and professors. In general, my FYP has shown me all the amazing opportunities St. Lawrence University has to offer.

My whole life, I have traveled between the United States and Mexico, teaching, filmmaking and acting with my family. This has lent me the ability to connect with different cultures and people. Coming to St. Lawrence has been another step in my journey, and has given me the possibility to expand my knowledge, while at the same time becoming part of a community interested in learning.

Winner, Bradley R. Evers Outstanding First-Year Student Award 2011-12