First-Year Program Course Descriptions

READ CAREFULLY ALL relevant course descriptions. Click on the titles of the FYP courses below, because course titles can either be wrongly interpreted or may not convey other important information that may impact your choice, i.e., spending lots of time in the outdoors or participating in a community placement with a local agency on a weekly basis as a requirement of a Community Based Learning (CBL) component of that FYP course. Please note that the designation of “CBL” following a title indicates that a student will engage in a community based experience that will unfold over the course of a semester and will require weekly participation with a local agency. More information on Community Based Learning at St. Lawrence. If you have questions about any of the FYP courses, feel free to email; we would be happy to answer any questions that you have. You may also use the textbox on the FYP Preference form to explain your choices.

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