The Pen and the Knife: Writing and Printmaking

2016 and 2017 Fall

If you want to make original art, this course is for you. You’ll be learning how to make woodblock prints—which you’ll carve and critique—and about creative writing—which you’ll revise and workshop. You’ll keep a sketchbook for daily practice at the serious play that goes into making art. You’ll spend time at the Brush Gallery and the library’s Special Collections learning to analyze and write about images and the written word. At the end of the semester, you’ll formally present your own work in public. This course fulfills the FYP general education requirement.

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Sarah Barber
Associate Professor
(315) 229-5083
Richardson Hall
Melissa Schulenberg
Associate Professor of Art & Art History
Arts and Art History
(315) 229-5433
EJ Noble University Center 114