Impactful Leadership: Theory and Practice (CBL)

Leadership involves influence. The modern view sees leadership more as a process of mobilizing a group toward a common goal than a set of inborn traits. Throughout the course, we will explore leadership theory and discuss how it applies to real life situations in our ever-changing world. Leadership topics to be explored include self-confidence, motivation, vision, integrity, and overcoming adversity. Clearly communicating a message through public-speaking, prose, or modern media is essential to influencing others and will be focused upon in the course. In addition to reading texts, you will participate in various writing assignments, group projects, and public speaking. Students will then get to practice their leadership skills through a community based learning (CBL) component. The CBL component means that in addition to coursework, students will dedicate 2 hours per week outside of class to serve a group in the local community (last year’s students worked with school children, senior citizens, and adults with developmental disabilities, as well as at local organic farms). The intent of the CBL component is to provide you with the opportunity to engage more deeply with the course material by observing leadership and testing out theories in a practical setting. This course is meant to help current and aspiring leaders gain a better understanding of effective leadership and to provide the tools necessary to bring out leadership qualities in all students. This course fulfills the FYP general education requirement. [CBL]

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