Ecosystem, Eggplant, and Entrepreneurship

This course will be held at the Ecological Sustainable Landscape site and the Sustainability Farm site, where students will get their hands dirty and develop a business plan for a homemade food product.  Drawing on ecological entrepreneurs who are developing restorative agriculture models that promote species diversity, that build topsoil, and that cleans the water, students will examine agro-ecosystem case studies in order to model their own business plans on natural processes.  To explore the limits and thresholds of ecosystem processes, students will develop a presentation of a new agricultural model that restores the earth. A written report will include an evidence based literature review of a restorative agricultural ecosystem with a complimentary business plan that identifies recommendations for change. In a capstone project, students will collaborate with the The Natural Environment and the Human Psyche FYP. Four Community meals at the Sustainability Semester farm will facilitate this collaboration. This course fulfills the FYP general education requirement.

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