Submitting Posters for Printing

The deadline for printing submissions is Monday, April 23 at noon. 

Posters for the Festival of Science are printed in the Science Library. Please pick up your posters on the 2nd floor of the Science Library, on the map file cabinet outside of Room 312.

General Instructions:

  • Students must fill out the Poster Submission Form in order to have their posters printed (enter FoSCI for the budget code when filling out the form)
  • To print all the posters in a timely manner, posters for FOS will be printed on recycled paper. This is the default standard paper.   There will be no reprints unless approved by your faculty member
  • Posters should be created at 48" x 36".
  • All posters should be saved in PDF format. (including those created in Powerpoint, InDesign, Illustrator, etc.)
  • Font sizes should be 100pt for big titles, 50pt for smaller headings, and 25pt for text.
  • Use the Insert menu in PowerPoint, rather than cutting and pasting, for inserting pictures.
  • Save your completed poster file in the folder T:\Atlas\Printjobs\FoSCI using the Save As command
  • Files in T:\Atlas\Printjobs\FoSCI can be viewed only by the individual who owns the file and by the GIS staff.
  • For example posters, templates, and workshops for constructing high quality posters, please see the Poster Preparation Workshops tab.

Special Instruction for Mac Users:

The conversion from Mac to Windows is not always smooth, so please follow these steps ensure a smoother process:

  • Posters created on a Mac should have the word "Mac" in the title.
  • Students should open their completed Mac posters on a PC to ensure that fonts are correct and that text, graphs, and images are displaying in the appropriate places.
  • Resave the poster from a PC to the folder mentioned above: T:\Atlas\Printjobs\FoSCI.