Submitting Posters for Printing

The deadline for printing submissions is Tuesday, April 21st at noon. 

Posters for the Festival of Science are printed by the Libraries.

General Instructions:

  • Students must fill out the Poster Submission Form in order to have their posters printed (enter FoSCI for the budget code when filling out the form)
  • To print all the posters in a timely manner, posters for FOS will be printed on recycled paper. This is the default standard paper.   There will be no reprints unless approved by your faculty member
  • Posters should be created at 48" x 36".
  • All posters should be saved in PDF format. (including those created in Powerpoint, InDesign, Illustrator, etc.)
  • Font sizes should be 100pt for big titles, 50pt for smaller headings, and 25pt for text.
  • Use the Insert menu in PowerPoint, rather than cutting and pasting, for inserting pictures.
  • Save your completed poster file in the folder T:\Atlas\Printjobs\FoSCI using the Save As command
  • Files in T:\Atlas\Printjobs\FoSCI can be viewed only by the individual who owns the file and by the GIS staff.

Special Instruction for Mac Users:

The conversion from Mac to Windows is not always smooth, so please follow these steps ensure a smoother process:

  • Posters created on a Mac should have the word "Mac" in the title.
  • Students should open their completed Mac posters on a PC to ensure that fonts are correct and that text, graphs, and images are displaying in the appropriate places.
  • Resave the poster from a PC to the folder mentioned above: T:\Atlas\Printjobs\FoSCI.