First-Year Cup Standings


Festival Winners: Reiff College

Intramural Soccer Winners: Corey College

Intramural Broomball Winners: Eaton College


Individual Point Leaders (note: does not include final 2 weeks of the competition--please check back for an update)

The top three individuals with the highest points are honored at the Student Organization and Leadership Banquet in the spring. Additionally, the top points earner from each college will be recognized, provided he or she earns 60 points or higher.

Michaelyn Hunter, Gaines, 240 points

Amanda Kennedy, Gaines, 180 points

Ethan Collins, Gaines, 140 points

Samiya Haque, Romer, 140 points

Julie Joyce, Young, 115 points

Jack Stokoe, Romer, 110 points

Caroline Metzger, Curtin, 90 points

Aleasha Barcomb, Romer, 90 points

Mark Janini, Plaisance, 80 points

Lydia Bouricius, Romer, 80 points

Jessica Powers, Romer, 80 points

Marina Nadeau, Curtin, 75 points

Margaret Bolger, Plaisance, 70 points

Elizabeth Roberts, Plaisance, 70 points

Laura Finley, Romer, 70 points

Eliza Koso, Curtin, 65 points

Ajok Deng, Plaisance, 60 points

Elizabeth Kamb, Plaisance, 60 points

Margaret Kelly, Plaisance, 60 points

Bieke Bekker, Reiff, 60 points

Meghan Eagan, Romer, 60 points

Giuseppina Emmanuele, Romer, 60 points

Poonam Sidhu, Romer, 60 points

Deshawn Speights, Romer, 60 points

Those students on the Dean's List for the fall 2014 semester will receive 10 extra points toward the competition! Individual points winners will be announced in the spring semester.