First-Year Cup Standings


Festival Winners: Reiff College

Intramural Soccer Winners: Corey College

Intramural Broomball Winners: Eaton College


Individual Point Winners

The top three individuals with the highest points are honored at the Student Organization and Leadership Banquet in the spring. Additionally, the top points earner from each college will be recognized, provided he or she earns 60 points or higher.

1st Place: Michaelyn Hunter, Gaines College, 300 points

2nd Place: Amanda Kennedy, Gaines College, 230 points

3rd Place: Samiya Haque, Romer College, 200 points

Honorable Mentions*:

Bridget Ireland, Brown College, 60 points

Micaiah Bradley & Luke Howlett, Buys College, 60 points

Bethany DeMuynck, Corey College, 60 points

Caroline Metzger, Curtin College, 120 points

Mark Jannini, Plaisance College, 90 points 

Emily Sturtevant, Pomponio College, 60 points

Bieke Bekker, Reiff College, 100 points

Julie Joyce, Young College, 175 points 

*Honorable mentions are the highest point earners from their FYP, provided that they earned at least 60 points.