St. Lawrence Budget & Financial Planning

The Spring 2014 Financial Planning package includes:

  • Spring Budgeting Schedule
  • Departmental Position Listing Not on line
  • Colleague Budgeting Instructions
  • Responsibility Listing - Listed by Unit

Latest Revised Estimate: The instructions refer to the Latest Revised Estimate (LRE). The LRE values reflect all of the modifications that have been made to the original current year budget subsequent to the Board of Trustees approval of the budget last May.

Departmental Positions and Assignments Listing: Update your personnel spending estimate for the 2013-14 LRE and 2014-15 Budget. Detailed position listings are provided to your department's vice president and are due back to the budget office by the date stated on the Spring Budgeting Schedule.

Colleague Budgeting: Follow the Spring Budgeting Instructions to login to Colleague and the budget units that you are responsible for. The data entry opens, this year, March 3, 2014, and data entry closes March 28, 2014. All budget managers must have their data entered and approved by their vice president by March 28, 2014

NOTE:  The Academic Affairs Division's due dates will be set by the Dean of Academic Affairs.

Please contact Paula Sturge (5559) if you have any questions