Student Bios

Jim Powers
Minor(s): Film and Representation Studies

When I was eight years old my brother and I began making our own movies. Westerns, war movies and monster flicks -- we made them all, every weekend a different genre. I have had the time of my...

Major(s): Studio Arts

I enjoy developing my skills in a style of thought that is truly applicable to our quickly changing modern world. Film studies teaches a perspective of our society and art that cannot be learned...

Minor(s): Film & Representation Studies

Films in general have always been a passion for me. It wasn't until taking film courses at St. Lawrence University that I began to get a wider knowledge of its theories, history, and even...

Minor(s): Film and Representation Studies

The film courses I have taken at SLU have greatly expanded my capacity and enthusiasm for film analysis. It is incredibly interesting and enjoyable to dissect a film with others who enjoy doing so...