Sean P. McKenna

Sean P. McKenna
Film & Representation Studies
Brunswick, ME
Writing, watching films, making films, sports, traveling.

Films in general have always been a passion for me. It wasn't until taking film courses at St. Lawrence University that I began to get a wider knowledge of its theories, history, and even technical aspects. Most people usually only get a surface understanding of films, often watching movies on a Saturday afternoon for a simple escapism. There is far more to film than the moving images on the screen. While it is sometimes spectacle, it can also be a medium that can express a particular view, opinion, or even theme. I've wanted to know everything that I can about film and not only apply it to my own understanding but also in my ability to create films. For my Senior Year End Project, myself and a fellow student are writing and directing a 30 minute film. This project has allowed me to apply the information I've learned through my classes to a hands on experience that gave me the opportunity to see what filming is really like. It's allowed my interest and understanding in film to go beyond the standard movie viewing and continue to grow.