Evan Tear Haynes

Evan Tear Haynes
Studio Arts

I enjoy developing my skills in a style of thought that is truly applicable to our quickly changing modern world. Film studies teaches a perspective of our society and art that cannot be learned in any other classes that St. Lawrence. I fell lucky that I am learning to think critically about a medium that will continue to be more and more influential in our world. I think my films studies minor will give me an advantage after graduation in terms of a modern perspective of the world and the medias that seem to be in control of it.

I am a studio arts major and love the way that the two disciplines intertwine. I bring my contemporary art and art theory knowledge into the film studies class room. This overlapping of ideas also shows up in my studio art work.

This spring I have been working with another art student to make a film for the first annual St. Lawrence film festival. The film truly will be the middle ground between my studio art studies and my film studies experience.