2010 St. Lawrence University Film Festival and Competition

Student films will be shown in the Winston Room at the University Center on April 21 from 7 pm to 10 pm. The Milo Award for best film will be presented at the conclusion. Seven student films will be shown. These include --

Ghetto Stories -- Alcee Walker

In this documentary Alcee Walker walks the streets of West Palm Beach and discovers the various reasons why kids are deciding not to go to school and get an education, and why kids are getting killed or ending up in prison at an early age. (31 minutes)

Black Jack -- Andre Weeks

Phil Spade is dead. Ace Detectives Ray Chandler, and Dash Hammett must find out who dealt the hit. As Ray investigates, the game becomes more than just a simple bet against him. He goes deeper into the game than he's ever been. To find the murderer, he needs to take a few hits on his game. (32 minutes)

Archaic Thoughts -- Evan Haynes and Alex Duane

Using the dreamscape as a form of cinematic language this film explores the language of dreams, the relationship of dreams to other thought processes, and the difference between dreams and cinema. (15 minutes)

The Last Cavalier -- Charles Johnsmeyer and Sean McKenna

If a man doesn’t have his honor, what does he have? Set in the present day, Randall, a quiet and intelligent college student falls for the beautiful Elizabeth Fitzgerald. Unfortunately, so does his ex-roommate, Frank. Their affections for her lead to a confrontation reminiscent of old Westerns. (30 minutes)

Gilgamesh -- Collin Henderson

Upon discovering a young man overdosed on cocaine lying in a pool of his own blood, an investigator attempts to piece together what exactly happened. After a series of dream-like flashbacks leading up to the young man's overdose we come to find out that the investigator's deductions are merely a manifestation from the young man's mind. (18 minutes)

Cartpushers -- Adam Edenton, Ted Blewett, and James Melville

Three guys who work at a store and are in charge of shopping carts. One night while working, Ted finds himself in the middle of a firefight holding a case that contains a large amount of money. He soon learns that a girl has been kidnapped and the money is the ransom. He and his two friends decide to go on a mission to track down the girl and rescue her. (30 minutes)

Zombie Massacre 42 -- Miriah Atwood and Jeff Chudzinski

A squirrel attack leads to an infectious outbreak turning students into zombies. Returning home from the weekend Joe finds the campus deserted. In the library he meets up with the last survivors who now must find a way to escape. (25 minutes)