Festival of Scholarship and Creativity - List of Presenters

Schedule and List of Presenters

Oral Presentation Session I
Eben Conference Room - 9:00am – 10:00am

Rutendo Chabikwa, Global Studies (Madeleine Wong)
Reclaiming Dreams of the Forefathers: The case of #MustFall Protests in South Africa

Alexandria Haehl, Statistics SYE w/Government Interest (Ronnie Olesker, Ivan Ramler)
Presidential Speeches of the United States: Stylometric, Sentiment, and Cluster Analyses

Madison Rusch, Estudios Hispanicos (Steven White)
I’ve Got a Bad Feeling . . . A Translation

Oral Presentations Session II
Eben Conference Room - 11:30am – 12:30pm

Ana Hernandez Martinez de la Riva, Francophone Studies (Roy Caldwell)
French Comedy and Handicaps

Emily Sheltry, History (Evelyn Jennings)
The Impact of British Immigration in Nineteenth Century Valparaiso, Chile

Emily Terry, Modern Languages & Literatures (Eloise Brezault)
Le rôle de la France dans le génocide au Rwanda : les enquêtes sur les rôles complices dans la bande dessinée

Poster Session
Eben South - 12:30pm – 1:30pm

Margaret Chandler, Tanner Fellow (Madeleine Wong)
Tasting Memories

Danrong Chen, Economics (Meryl Motika)
Is there a relationship between Chinese Board of Directors' Ages and Their Company’s Risk Behavior?

Julianne DeGuardi, Global Studies (John Collins)
Migrant Dairy Farm Workers in the North Country: A Microcosm of NAFTA's Human and Structural Repercussions

Joey Duggan, History (Elizabeth Regosin)
The National Career of Huey P. Long

Xaviera Gitau, Global Studies (Madeleine Wong)
Dadaab Refugee Camp Closure and the Securitization of Refugees in Kenya

Megan Kloeckner, Anthropology (Wendi Haugh)
Human Security in Luoland: How Anthropological Methods can Contribute to Development in Kisumu, Kenya

Brooke Lyndaker, Philosophy (Jeffrey Maynes)
An Epistemological Critique of Dream Science

Margaret Mauch, Environmental Studies (Jon Rosales)
Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Scientific Understanding of Large Storms

Isabelle Munro
Perpetrators of Hate Speech

Abigail Nissen, SLU Fellow
Leaving and Learning: A Study of the Study Abroad Experience

Connor Pease, Tanner Fellow
Wanderings of a Modern Pilgrim in the Shadow of Mont Blanc

Sarah Phillips, Performance & Communication Arts (Selina French)
The Art of Creating a Corset

Rebecca Raab, Sociology (Daniel McLane)
Fostering an Alternative Future: Living Sustainably in an Ecovillage

Paige Richardson, Global Studies (Jayantha Jayman)
A Discourse of Ethnic Conflict Over Class Struggle in Sri Lanka: Global Implications

Danielle Schwartz, Tanner Fellow (Jane Kring)
Kenya Birth Experience

Emily Smith, Philosophy (Jeffrey Maynes)
Embodied Cognition Applied to Trauma Research\

Emily Terry, Tanner Fellow (Alison Del Rossi)
Internship at Conservation Heritage-Turambe

Anna Travers, Economics (Bob Blewett)
Limits to Growth: Effective Resource Management as a Means for Ending Poverty Traps

Anabel Encarnacion, Travel Research Grant
Antes Muerta que Negra: Psychological Implications of Denying Blackness in the Dominican Republic

Milena Kozyra, Travel Enrichment Grant
Ethnic Identity: Rediscovering My Slavic Roots

Meghan Oram, Travel Enrichment Grant
Eye on the Reef