Intercultural Floor

Our mission as the Intercultural Floor is to
create a community of unification among the floor members. This sense of
community is created through bonding events and by supporting members’
extracurricular activities. The Intercultural Floor is also dedicated to taking
a proactive approach in spreading awareness about interculturalism, recognizing
the diversity within the St. Lawrence University and the Canton community.
 The ways in which the Intercultural Floor prepares to spread knowledge
about interculturalism is through dialogue, participating within organizational
events that are in tune with our mission, and by hosting events of our own.
 Ultimately the Intercultural Floor is designed to provide a forum where
students of all backgrounds, traditions, and cultures can share their ideas,
disparities and ambitions. The Intercultural Floor aims to be fully integrated
into the St. Lawrence University community. The entire student body will be
knowledgeable about the Intercultural Floor and where it is and play a
proactive role in spreading diversity acceptance and awareness. This vision of
the Intercultural Floor is only possible by becoming more involved within the
St. Lawrence University community and fully embodying its mission statement.Facilities InformationCommunity Areas: I-Floor has a shared common lounge with the International House including a kitchen and common lounge with couches and a television.Bathrooms: I-Floor has two restrooms with one designated for women and one for men. All restrooms have showers, sinks, and bathroom stalls.Laundry: I-Floor has one laundry room (shared with the International House) located near the kitchen with two washers, two dryers, and a table for folding laundry.