Skilled Trades

The skilled trades group is responsible for the necessary maintenance on University buildings, surrounding structures and systems. This work group is also involved with construction projects, renovations and remodeling. In addition, this group is heavily involved with safety upgrades and initiatives related to the respective trade disciplines detailed below.


  • Responsible for general repairs and construction
  • Examples of their work includes repairs and replacement of door locks & hardware, windows, flooring, roofing, remodeling, cabinetry, all other general contracting work


  • Responsible for all facets of the University’s electrical infrastructure
  • Duties involve installation, maintenance and repairs to residential, commercial and industrial wiring.  They are also heavily involved with life safety repairs & initiatives throughout campus.
  • Examples of their work includes:
  • Repairs and replacement of outlets, lighting components & fixtures, fire alarm systems & initiating devices, emergency exits
  • Installing power supplies for special events such as concerts  
  • Access control installations for our entrance security systems


  • Responsible for carrying out the campus key control policy which has been setup for the security of all students, faculty, staff and visitors to campus
  • Manages cutting of new keys, return of existing keys, re-keying of areas/buildings
  • Maintains a data base to track employees who have been issued keys along with the respective building (s) and/or department


  • Responsible for maintaining interior and exterior painting throughout the entire campus
  • Campus is periodically evaluated and a determination is made as to which areas will be scheduled for painting


  • Responsible for all facets of the University’s water supply and systems
  • Installation, maintenance & repair of piping, fittings and fixtures associated with distribution of water throughout the University’s facilities
  • Examples of their work includes:
  • Maintenance and installation of drinking fountains, hydration stations, piping, showers, tubs, toilets and sinks

University Signage:

  • The skilled trades group is responsible for all signage on campus
  • All requests are subject to signage committee approval
  • Utilize the latest in computer software and material to fabricate signs
  • Engraver and vinyl plotter machines are used for most of the internal signs located throughout our campus

Outside contractor services are also used for larger construction projects, renovations and remodeling. New construction, renovation and remodeling requests are proposed with the annual budget cycle beginning in October for consideration.