St. Lawrence University Grounds Services Group is responsible for maintaining the outdoor landscape around the campus, including trees, annuals, perennials and shrubs; campus roads, parking lots and sidewalks; athletic fields and outdoor structures including furnishings. We support the care and maintenance of all university equipment and vehicles as well as campus recycling efforts. The mission of the Grounds Service Group is to maintain the campus grounds as a safe and aesthetically pleasing environment by continuously analyzing, reviewing and improving our operational processes and minimizing our impact on the environment. We pride ourselves in being professional and prompt while we steward and maintain our campus landscape and athletic facilities for our campus community.

The Grounds Service Group provides the following services:

  • Maintain 256 acres on campus of a total of 1000 acres of property, 19 acres of athletic fields, and designated off-campus properties
  • Maintain and repair 2.8 miles of campus streets, 6 miles of walks, and 12 acres of parking lots
  • Snow plow, salt/sand and clean-up of streets, walks and parking surfaces on campus and in designated off-campus areas.
  • Prepare athletic fields for use, including marking, mowing, and seasonal prep work in coordination with the intercollegiate athletics and recreation department
  • Maintenance of all trees, shrubs, and turf on campus. This includes mowing, trimming, weeding, pruning, mulching, seeding, fertilizing, watering, planting and leaf removal
  • Daily campus litter and debris clean up
  • Daily pickup and service for all trash and recycling locations around campus using both in house staff and our recycling partners
  • Automotive shop provides preventive and ongoing maintenance to the university fleet and grounds equipment inventory
  • Maintain 6.5 miles of trails and 56 acres of low-mow environmentally sensitive areas
  • Trim, remove, and replace shrubs and trees
  • Plan landscape plantings and site features such as benches, bicycle racks, and campus lighting and work with our landscape partners in design and traffic flow