Study in Spain

The following courses offered on St. Lawrence’s study-abroad program in Madrid, Spain  may be counted toward the European Studies minor.

Fall semester:

SPAN 335S  - The Spanish Village
SPAN 301 - Advanced Practical Spanish
SPAN 323S - Introduction to Spanish Literature
SPAN 322S/Econ 322S - International Economics
SPAN 300S/FIAR 200S - Masters of the Spanish School: G.V.G.P.
SPAN 312 - Migrations and Cultural Diversity
SPAN 328 - Nature and Culture
SPAN 367S/GOVT 367S - Political Process in Contemporary Spain
SPAN 358S - The Madrid Stage

Spring semester:

SPAN 338S - Introduction to Spain
SPAN 301S - Advanced Practical Spanish
SPAN 344 - Introduction to Hispanic American Literature
SPAN 303S/FA 267S - History of Spanish Art
GOVT 330 - Politics and Governments of Western Democracies
ECON 265 - Spanish Economy, EU & Laton American Challenge
SPAN 342S - Spanish Novel of the 20th Century
SPAN 303S/HIST 383S/GNDR 383S - Women in Spain - 1750-1995