Study in Denmark

The following courses offered on St. Lawrence’s study-abroad program in Copenhagen, Denmark may be counted toward the European Studies minor.

Note:  The courses offered through the Danish Institute For Study Abroad (DIS) change frequently, so it is advisable to check the DIS website for a current listing of courses.

Communication and Mass Media program:
International Advertising in a European Context

European Culture and History program:
20th Century European History
Contemporary European Film: The Individual & Society
Copenhagen: History and Contemporary Urban Issues
Environmental History of Europe
European Art of the 19th Century: From Classicism to Symbolism
European Art of the 20th Century: From Expressionism to Post-War Art
Hans Christian Andersen and the Danish Golden Age
History of European Ballet
History of European Film
The Impact of Epidemic Disease upon European History
Kierkegaard: Philosophy and Meaning of Life
Matador: A Fictionalized Account of Danish History and Culture, 1929-47
Modern Scandinavian Literature
Nordic Mythology
Russian Literature in a Cultural Context
Russian Literature: St. Petersburg and its Great Stories

European Politics & Society program:
European Politics: The European Union
Danish Politics and Society
Decision-Making Processes in the European Union
Environmental Problems & Policy: A European Perspective
Managing Risks: European Security in the 21st Century
International Law from a European Perspective
Politics and History of the European Union

International Business and Economics program:
Doing Business in the European Union
The Expanding European Union: Challenges and Opportunities
Global Business Strategy: European Approaches
International Advertising in a European Context
Theory in Practice: European Case Studies in Corporate Finance

Marine and Environmental Biology program:
Marine Biology of European Coastal Waters
Ecology and Human Impact in the North & Baltic Sea

Medical Practice and Policy program:
Health Care in Scandinavia
Medical Consequences of Western Lifestyles

Migration and Multiculturalism program:
Cross-Cultural Encounters in a European Context
Gender, Body, and Sexuality in Scandinavia
Holocaust and Genocide
Immigration and Integration in Europe
The Jews in Europe from the Middle Ages to the Present
Migrants, Minorities, & Multiculturalism in Europe
Muslims in Western Europe
Turkey at the crossroads

Architecture and Design program:
20th Century Danish Architecture
Contemporary European Architectural Theories
European Urban Design Theories

Psychology and Child Development program:
Children in a Multicultural Context: Danish Theory and Practice
Children with Special Needs: Danish Theory and Practice
Cross-Cultural Psychology in a European Context
Sociology of European Families

Other courses:
Criminology and Criminal Justice in Scandinavia
Danish Design
Intercultural Heritage: Danish Colonialism, then and now
The Italian Renaissance