Alex Epstein

Alex Epstein
Alex Epstein
Environmental Studies
Buffalo, NY

From his acceptance at St. Lawrence University, Alex knew his academic career would focus on environmental studies. In high school, an internship at a nature preserve instilled a respect for the importance of teaching children about the natural world at a young age. There the spark to understand and contribute to alleviating the world’s growing environmental problems was first kindled. When he was making his college choice, Alex realized that St. Lawrence was just the place to pursue and nurture his passion for the environment.

Having grown up near the Great Lakes, Alex realized the importance of these water reserves. At SLU, Alex enrolled in courses such as Pollution of Aquatic Ecosystems and Ecology of Lakes & Rivers that provided field experience and scientific understanding. The unique location of St. Lawrence provides abundant access to lakes and rivers for field study. The assessment skills he acquired in these courses helped him land a summer internship with Buffalo Niagara RIVERKEEPER.

Alex next enrolled in a Sustainable Agricultural Systems course where he learned the connections between degraded water quality and poor farming techniques. His interest in organic agriculture was piqued and prompted Alex to apply for a summer internship at SLU's Ecological Sustainability Landscape (ESL). Under Dr. Rosales’ direction, Alex worked to rebuild a forested corridor to assist in wildlife movement, maintained a carbon accounting project for the University’s climate change mitigation efforts, and took care of a  tree nursery planted to fuel the ESL house’s future wood burning stove. His internship also included working closely with GardenShare, a local non-profit group focused on alleviating hunger issues in the North Country. Alex says the summer internship proved incredibly valuable. Now in his senior year, Alex is working with Dr. Carolyn Johns on an independent research project on the geographic distribution of heavy metal pollution in zebra and quagga mussels in the St. Lawrence River. Alex feels his education at SLU has prepared him well for a career in either non-profit work, private industry, or government.

Alex Epstein on bike on Golden Gate Bridge