New Major In Environmental Studies/Mathematics

Recognizing the importance of statistical data analysis, mathematical modeling and computer simulation in the study of environmental science, St. Lawrence University has received approval for a new combined major program in environmental studies/mathematics. It is available to students starting with the fall 2010 semester.

The objective of the new combined major is to provide a focused plan of study for students wishing to obtain detailed knowledge of applied mathematics in environmental problem-solving. Students who complete the program will be well equipped to work in private-sector and governmental agency jobs related to environmental analysis and management, as well as to pursue graduate-level study in environmental science and engineering.

St. Lawrence began offering combined majors in environmental studies in 1977, with biology, economics, geology, government and sociology. Subsequent combined majors were added in chemistry (1986), psychology (1986), anthropology (1992), philosophy (1996) and English (1999). Students also have the option of a stand-alone major in environmental studies. The importance of mathematics in environmental studies has been recognized in academia for some time; the Mathematics Association of America published a volume titled Environmental Mathematics in 2003 and conferences on the related topics are held around the world.