Safety Committee Agenda


Students, Staff and Faculty are welcome to attend Safety Committee meetings

Memo to:         St. Lawrence University Community

From:               Susan C. Johnson, Safety Committee Secretary

Subject:           Safety Committee Meeting Agenda for Friday, May 5, 2017

Student Center Room 232, 9:00-10:00 AM

Open comments, introductions and guests

Approval of the Minutes

Old Business:

1.      Suna S. brought up 3-D printers/copiers on campus and the need to know the locations of these printers for proper use; nano-particles and proper ventilation requirements. There is one located in the NCAT. CLOSED.


2.      1st Round NYS Fire Inspections were completed in all residence halls the week of February 6th.   Follow up inspections with NYS Fire have been scheduled for April 6-7.  CLOSED.


3.      2017 Pesticide Plan – Marcus Sherburne to attend next meeting to discuss.


4.      Hosting Spill team training in Bewkes on April 28, 2017.  21 people to date will be in attendance from the four colleges. CLOSED.


5.      Discussion of logistics for Spring Fest 2017 to be held on April 22, 2017; gates open at 3:00 p.m., 4:00 is the first performance; alcohol lane closes at 4:30 p.m. First patrols of residence halls for high risk drinking will be at 12:00 noon; event will be BYOB and limited to a six pack per person. CLOSED.


New Business:

1.       Open table for all members with what needs to be discussed


2.       Signs needed in front of gates to the sandbanks?  In case of emergency situation


3.       Sharps disposal and students’ unused medications


4.       Meeting times for Next Semester



1.      Park Street Lighting


2.      The walkway area from Brown Hall to Johnson has several uneven areas/ The side entrance  of Student Center towards Dean Eaton has a rise in the sidewalk/Front of Griffiths facing Romoda Drive/H-Lot -- is there any way to mark the area to alert pedestrians of concern?  These areas will be marked and monitored through the thaw to see what areas need work.

3.      Concern over J-lot and the treacherous jagged glaciers that are caused by freezing water dams.  Adding a stretch of curbing to divert the water was suggested by the reporter of issue – Budget issue; Spring 2018.  In the meantime alternate routes to and from the building will need to be utilized.

4.      Bill R. brought up the “After the Fire” presentation and the possibility of having them come to campus. Orientation schedule is too full as it is. Incorporating the program with the speakers is important to the presentation.  Including this in fire prevention scheduling and the safety fair as well as making it FY Cup eligible.  Putting it on Sakai followed by a quiz/test to show participation was also suggested.


Susan C. Johnson

Assistant to the AVP of Safety & Security and

Emergency Management

Safety & Security

St. Lawrence University | Canton, NY 13617 | 315-229-5010/5554