Safety Committee Agenda

Safety Committee Meeting Announcement and Agenda

Students, Staff and Faculty are welcome to attend Safety Committee meetings.

Memo to:         St. Lawrence University Community

From:               Pat Gagnon, Safety Committee Co-Chair

Subject:           Safety Committee Meeting Agenda for Monday, April 13, 2015

Student Center Room 336, 2:00-3:00 PM

Open comments, introductions and guests. 

Old Business:

  1. Park Street Lighting – Jim Kozsan will try four LED cutoffs at the ODY/62 Park Street crosswalk. Committee members will rate the illumination at that location before and after the lights are changed to LED. – Open
  2. Providing GPS coordinates to the St. Lawrence County Emergency Management Office – Suna Stone-McMasters and Patrick Gagnon reported that GIS/GPS Technician Dakota Casserly has collected GPS coordinates for building entrances and the project is almost completed. He met with Patrick Gagnon and Suna Stone-McMasters, additional buildings, loading docks and building entrances were added to the mapping. The finished project will be provided to the St. Lawrence County Emergency Management Office soon. – Open
  3. No accident/injury/incident reports were reviewed. On-going
  4. Discussion on the addition of the crosswalk on Park Street at KDS/54 Park Street. The cost to install the additional crosswalk is pending capital funding. Jim Kozsan reported that we have permission from the Village of Canton to install the crosswalk. Open

New Business:

  1. Heather Renee Ford has requested to join the Safety Committee and to serve as Secretary. The committee accepted her request for membership and her appointment as Secretary.
  2. Stacy Vassar, joins Safety Committee.
  3. Suna Stone-McMasters reported that a capital request has been submitted for a new ventilation system for the spray painting booth in the basement of Griffith Hall.
  4. William Ritchie reported that the first round of NYS Fire Inspections has been completed and the date of the second round is to be determined.
  5. Park Street Lighting Survey – Before LED and After LED installation
  6. Discussion on changing day and time of future meetings.

 Future Meetings

Meetings will be held in the student center,  room 336 on 4/13/15 and  5/11/15.

If you have any safety issues you would like added to the agenda, please forward to Pat Gagnon