Safety Committee Agenda

Students, Staff and Faculty are welcome to attend Safety Committee meetings.

Memo to:         St. Lawrence University Community

From:               H. Renee Ford, Safety Committee Secretary

Subject:           Safety Committee Meeting Agenda for Friday, September 9, 2016

Student Center Room 232, 9:00-10:00 AM

Open comments, introductions and guests. 

Approval of the Minutes

Old Business:

1.      Accident and Injury Reports

2.      Safety Tips for the Hill News – Head Injuries

3.   Skate Board Policy Approval

4.   CO2 Detectors – Bill and Jim


New Business:

1.      Open table 

2.      Stones have separated at Dana facing the student center – Steve

3.      Improper use of golf carts as step ladders by students – Steve

4.   5th Annual Campus Safety Fair – September 28th Student Center - Bill


 Future Meetings

Meeting times will be announces after meeting.

If you have any safety issues you would like added to the agenda, please forward to H. Renee Ford at 229-5913




H. Renee Ford

Assistant Purchasing Manager