Safety Committee Agenda


Students, Staff and Faculty are welcome to attend Safety Committee meetings

Memo to:         St. Lawrence University Community

From:               Susan C. Johnson, Safety Committee Secretary

Subject:           Safety Committee Meeting Agenda for Friday, November 3, 2017

Diana Torrey Health and Counseling Center, Conference Room, 9:00-10:00 AM

Open comments, introductions and guests

Approval of the Minutes

Old Business:

1.     Drone policy needs to be created.  Suna to collect information to bring to first meeting. Sub-committee being organized to create policy.

2.     Signs needed in front of gates to the sandbanks?  In case of emergency situation.  Work order has been submitted to Facilities to make signs with St. Lawrence University Safety & Security contact number or Dial 911. CLOSED

3.     Tim Corbitt raised concern students have over crosswalk safety from campus to Price Chopper; there is not a crosswalk from upper East Main until the intersection of SR 310/SR 68 and US 11.  Pat Gagnon to discuss with Chief James Santimaw; Canton PD.

4.     Fire inspections 50% done; inspector will be back November 6th to conclude. 

5.     The Student Center grates have been brought up as a trip hazard (the main entrance in particular).  If you see a potential trip hazard please notify Facilities Operations immediately at (315)-229-5601 so they can make the necessary adjustments. CLOSED

6.     An employee had a recent slip and fall on Millennium Way. This has been brought to the attention of Facilities and any uneven areas will be patched to prevent reoccurrence.  CLOSED

7.     A capital proposal regarding certain areas will be forthcoming. CLOSED


New Business:



1.      Park Street Lighting – proposed for Capital.

2.      The walkway area from Brown Hall to Johnson has several uneven areas/ The side entrance  of Student Center towards Dean Eaton has a rise in the sidewalk/Front of Griffiths facing Romoda Drive/H-Lot -- is there any way to mark the area to alert pedestrians of concern?  These areas will be marked and monitored through the thaw to see what areas need work.

3.      Concern over J-lot and the treacherous jagged glaciers that are caused by freezing water dams.  Adding a stretch of curbing to divert the water was suggested by the reporter of issue – Budget issue; Spring 2018.  In the meantime alternate routes to and from the building will need to be utilized.

Tabled items 2. and 3. Marcus Sherburne will have Harvey Construction do some temporary patchwork.  There will be a capital request made for this work as well.