Safety Committee Agenda

Memo to:         Safety Committee

From:               Suna Stone-McMasters and Pat Gagnon, Co-Chairs

Subject:           Safety Committee Meeting Agenda, Monday, January 12, 2015

Student Center Room 336, 2:00-3:00 PM

Open comments, introductions and guests. 

Old Business:

  1. Park Street Lighting - hiring a third party lighting consultant with experience designing street lighting to evaluate current conditions and make recommendations to improve safety of pedestrians and drivers. 
  2. Providing GPS coordinates to the St. Lawrence County Emergency Management Office – progress report.
  3. Ceramics gas kiln ventilation update
  4. Safety Committee Charge in response to Dept. of Education regulation.
  5. Changes to Safety Committee membership and removal of inactive members.
  6. Review of accident/injury/incident reports.

New Business:

  1. Other new business.


  • Request to allowing campus-sanctioned camping at the Sandbanks – tabled pending discussion in Buildings and Grounds Committee.
  • Addition of crosswalk on Park St. at KDS pending capital funding
  • Equestrian Team vehicle safety inquiry and investigation.


 Future Meetings

Meetings will be held in the student center,  room 336 on  2/9/15, 3/9/15, 4/13/15 and  5/11/15.

If you have any safety issues you would like added to the agenda, please forward to  Suna Stone-McMasters 315-229-5105 or Pat Gagnon