Mr. Levi Newbury

Levi Newbury
Mr. Levi Newbury
Hancock, NH
Member of the Theme House Selection Committee, Volunteer at the Potsdam Humane Society

There was something about a miniature university situated a stone’s throw from Canada that struck a note with me when I was searching for schools during my senior year of high school. Hailing from New Hampshire, I wasn’t fazed by the rumors of the notoriously frigid winters that characterize the North Country, but rather embraced them and prepared to face them head on. I quickly learned to embrace my winter coat and keep my head down. However, as a creative writing major with a minor in philosophy, I found these conditions suitable. Inspiration is ubiquitous in these parts, and it doesn’t take much more than a stroll around our picturesque campus to develop a plot for a short story or even a novice screenplay. As a junior, I am anxiously preparing myself for whatever it is that will come after St. Lawrence. I am interested in the sports and entertainment industry, and plan to attend law school as a preliminary step towards a career in this field. However, you won’t find me enrolled in any university during the 2016-2017 academic year. As a matter of fact, you probably won’t find me period, as I’ll be hiking the Appalachian Trail and travelling as much as possible, drawing inspiration and writing all the while!