Matthew "Cooper" Keller

Cooper Keller
Mr. Matthew Cooper Keller
3+2 Engineering Program
Chagrin Falls, Ohio
I played football for St. Lawrence and am a member of Pi Sigma, the Physics honorary society, and Pi Mu Epsilon, the Mathematics honorary society.

In June 2015 I will graduate from Dartmouth with a Bachelors of Engineering with a concentration in Mechanical Engineering.

At Dartmouth, I found my home in the Machine Shop, working there all semesters save one. My experience helped shape my career and found me a job in a large industrial company. The highlight of my experience at engineering school was undoubtedly my capstone project. Our group of five students was tasked with building and testing a functional prototype of a fluid propulsion system. After 25 weeks of hard work, and lots of help from the Thayer community, we had successfully built a model that validated all Computational Fluid Dynamic models.

After having attended a Darmouth for two years, I always felt rooted at SLU. The 3+2 program allowed me to pursue a career that would have otherwise been impossible, but my time spent away from SLU did not dilute my experience there. I commuted back to Canton often enough that some friends may had never known I left. Uprooting was hard, but you never lose your SLU connections or the Saints' pride. The rigors that come with an engineering degree are often overwhelming, but the experience is rewarding in of itself.

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Bachelor's of Engineering - The Thayer School, Dartmouth
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Eaton (
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After graduation I will participate in Eaton's Engineering & Technology Leadership Program (ETLP) where I will do my first rotation as an Applications and Advanced Development Engineer in Eatons Supercharger Division located in Marshall Michigan.

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