William Collins

Leader of Leaders: The Handbook for Principals on the Cultivation, Support, and Impact of Teacher-Leaders

By Hal Portner and William E. Collins
ISBN-10: 0132736411 • ISBN-13: 9780132736411
©2014 • Pearson • Paper, 160 pp
Published 08/30/2013 • Instock

In this handbook, readers will find a wealth of ready-to-use information and suggestions on the roles of principals as leaders of leaders; the roles of teacher-leaders as they lead; the culture in which teacher-leaders emerge, develop, and are supported; and the function of building principals as catalysts for, and champions of, this supportive, constructive environment. Also examined are the characteristics, roles, effectiveness, and professional development of teacher-leaders; the barriers and driving forces that impact their effectiveness; and the differences and similarities between formal and informal teacher-leaders. It is the ideal handbook for current and aspiring elementary and secondary educators and leaders, teacher-leaders, and those teaching leadership or school culture course at the higher ed level.

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