Tuition, Fees, Financial Aid, and Health Insurance

2013-2014 Tuition and Fees

Tuition (including Summer 2013) = $950.00 per credit hour ($2850 for each 3 semester-hour course).
Registration fee - $35 per session.
Student activity fee1 - $80 per year for full-time students (only)
Late registration fee2 - $45

  1. Provides Campus ID Card to use for all facilities at the University, attending athletic games, etc. Part-time students are not assessed an activity fee, but they will receive a library card and a SLU network ID and password.
  2. May be charged for all course registrations processed after 4:30 p.m. the Friday of the first full week of classes during the fall and spring semester, or after seven days prior to the first class of any graduate summer term.

Student Health Insurance

All graduate students will be billed for health insurance by the University's carrier, Mercer (representing United Health Care), unless they complete a waiver indicating that they hold alternate insurance.  Information about the University's health insurance is available here.

Financial Aid

Information regarding loans, state or federal loan forgiveness programs, work-study opportunities and other financial aid is available through St. Lawrence University's Financial Aid Office.

A small number of graduate assistantships are available in the Department of Education. Completed applications are due by April 1 of the year prior to the year in which the assistantship is sought. For more information, contact the program coordinator.

Information about specialized coaching assistantships in St. Lawrence University’s Department of Intercollegiate Athletics and Recreation may be secured from that departmental office in Augsbury Physical Education Center, 315-229-5421.   These graduate assistantships carry benefits including tuition remission for graduate courses in education.