Teacher Education

Approved Classroom Teaching Preparation Program Pathway

Initial Certification Requirements

  • Completion of a NYS Registered Program
  • Institutional Recommendation
  • NYS Teacher Certification Exam (ALST)
  • NYS Teacher Certification Exam (EAS)
  • Content Specialty Test (CST)
  • edTPA Exam
  • DASA Workshop
  • Fingerprint Clearance

Professional Certification Requirements
(in addition to meeting the requirements for the initial certification)

  • Completion of a master's degree in Education or area related to their teaching certificate
  • Institutional Recommendation
  • Three years Paid, Full-Time Experience
  • One-year Mentored Experience
  • Citizenship Status

Out-of-State Teacher Certification Requirement

  • Each state has different teacher certification requirements; it is recommended that students search that state’s education department web site for the most up-to-date information.

DASA (Dignity for All Students Act)


  • To schedule an appointment to be fingerprinted: Identogo.com or call (877) 472-6915
  • Fingerprint application fee - $99.00

Institutional Recommendation for Certification

  • Completion of St. Lawrence University's Approved Teaching Preparation Program.
  • Click here for Institutional Recommendation.