Student Bios

J. McDonough
Class of 2006

Current Position:
Elementary Principal, Canton Central School District

Position held since: 2010

Previous Employment:...

Bryan Harmer
Class of 2009

Hometown: Madrid, NY

Current Position: 11th grade US History and Government, 12th grade Economics & Participation in Government,  Athletic...

Joann Chambers
Class of 2011

Current Position: Superintendent, Potsdam High School

Position held since: 2015

Previous Employment: 1987-1991 – Secondary English...

S. Vaughn
Class of 2010

Current Position: Special Education Administrator & School Psychologist, Lisbon Central School District; Adjunct Faculty Member, Educational Leadership Program at St. Lawrence...

Class of 2014

Current Position:
Principal, H.C. Williams High School, Canton, NY

Position held since:
January 1, 2014

Previous Employment...

Patrick Farrand
Class of 2007

Current Position: Massena High School Principal

Position held since: 2010

Previous Employment: