Leslie LaRose

Leslie LaRose
Ms. Leslie A. LaRose
Class of 2003
Watertown, NY

Hometown: Watertown, NY

Current Position: Deputy Superintendent at Franklin-Essex-Hamilton BOCES in Malone, NY, since 2010.

Previous Employment: Leslie has been employed by Franklin-Essex-Hamilton BOCES since 2000 as Director of Instructional Support Services, Assistant Director, Administrative Intern, and Consulting Teacher of Standards Implementation and Technology Integration.

Educational Background: C.A.S. in Educational Administration, St. Lawrence University, 2003; M.Ed. in Educational Administration, St. Lawrence University, 2003

My St. Lawrence Experience: "As a child growing up, I read in my father’s 1949 Clarkson yearbook that he aspired to teach mathematics at St. Lawrence University. He had just received his degree in Civil Engineering. I was intrigued by his interest in SLU as a young child. In 2002, I enrolled in the St. Lawrence University Masters in Administration program, as well as, the Certificate of Advanced Studies. The St. Lawrence experience has been invaluable.

The intellectually stimulating coursework has a perfect mixture of theory and practical experience. Some of the contacts I made during this program continue to provide a strong network in my current capacity in the North Country and throughout New York State. The challenges we face in implementing the Regents Reform Agenda require collegial leadership skills, a model that the St. Lawrence program emulates. There are many St. Lawrence alumni who have successfully implemented this model in schools throughout New York.

The smaller class size and combination of local area teachers and administrators completing the program was a very special experience for me personally. To this day, I’m still in contact on a regular basis with those individuals and cherish our memories of the program.

I was astounded when a SLU alumni from NYC, provided me with a monetary incentive to offset the expenses for one of my classes…another indicator how alumni “give back” to the younger generations coming up in the ranks. I remember checking with the business office at SLU as I thought there had been a mistake in my bill. For me, this is reflective of the uniqueness of SLU.

My father had it right. There is something very special about being affiliated with St. Lawrence University!"