John F. X. Manning III

John F. X. Manning III
Boxford, MA
Captain of Lacrosse team, Omicron Delta Epsilon (Economics honorary), studied abroad in Denmark and participated in Ireland Summer Program

I have a long family history at St. Lawrence being the 23rd member of my family to enroll in St. Lawrence University.  While at St. Lawrence I have been a four year member of the Men’s Lacrosse team serving as the captain for my senior year.  Lacrosse has without a doubt been the most rewarding experience on campus for me.  It has not only taught me to manage my time well but also shown me that hard work will lead to success.  Playing a college sport is a way to form great bonds with teammates and learn how to work well together in a group.

St. Lawrence has also offered me tremendous opportunities off campus through several study abroad programs and school sponsored off-campus activities.  I participated in the Ireland Summer Program after my sophomore year.  It was a great experience to travel all over Ireland and learn about the place where my family came from.  I spent the fall semester of my junior year in Copenhagen, Denmark which was a truly invaluable experience.  I had a great home stay experience that exposed me to a great deal of new cultural experiences.  I also became close with some of my St. Lawrence classmates as well as made friendships with other American students that will last a lifetime.  Copenhagen also became my window to Europe as I was able to visit 14 different countries during my four months there.  The program allowed me to undergo tremendous growth and development as a person.

I have been interested in Economics since I came to St. Lawrence and have been delighted by the opportunities I have been afforded through the economics department.  In the fall of 2009 I had the opportunity to travel to New York City with 13 classmates to attend a two day seminar put on by St. Lawrence Alumni John Angelo at his offices Angelo, Gordon & Co.  In these two days this small group of students were given private presentations but some of the most influential people in the Financial Services industry.  It was a truly great experience and the fact that it was given to such a small and select group of students gave us the ability to ask a numerous questions.   The economics department also allowed me to take a class that closely studied monetary policy.  The course culminated in a presentation at the Federal Reserve Open Market Challenge that was put on by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York in Manhattan.  We gave a presentation to a panel of professionals of our view on monetary policy and what the Federal Reserve Bank should be doing to help the economy.